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. new information in the san francisco, what happened just moments before a san francisco tanker swiped the bay bridge. san jose sharks' fans may get an answer on when the players will be back on the ice. we will explain what is happening today regarding that. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we are ready. good morning to you, wednesday january 9th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us, steve is here with the weather forecast, cold today. chills, freeze warnings? >> yes, it is on its way, dave and pam, increasing clouds, watch out for fog, still some pockets of it, highs today coming down in oh about 7 minutes, here is sal.
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interstate 880, no major problems here, the traffic continues to move along very nicely if you are driving to downtown. san francisco 101 traffic approaching the 880 split, let's go back to the desk. police are going door to door looking for witnesses involving a violent night in the pet rather neighbor -- pet rather row -- in a nearby neighborhood and police are learning what happened with a violent incident which happened hours apart. >> reporter: police say they have very little to go on after two separate crimes sent two people to the hospital. it happened 1:40 this morning shots were fired as a man was exiting his vehicle when he was struck by a gun and shot in his
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foot. hours after they left the first scene they were called back. this time they responded to a stabbing and in this situation the 49-year-old victim was stabbed in a home and he walked outside where somebody called 911. he was taken to the hospital after somebody called 911. police do not believe the two crimes are related and they do not have any information about motives or suspects in either case. if you know anything about either of these situations, you are asked to call san francisco police. live in san francisco, i am paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. vice-president joseph biden is helding a series of meetings at the white house looking for suggestions on how to curb gun violence. this morning he will meet with victims of gun violence and tomorrow he will sit down with the national rifle association. coming up at 6:15 another
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association will also have members at the white house meeting. and we have new information about the disaster on the san francisco bay. the crew was warned just before it ran into a bay bridge tower. in our newsroom, what do you know? >> reporter: we are learning more about the tanker which has been warranted to be held indefinitely. the tanker was warned of the danger ahead before the 750- foot tanker struck the tower of the bay bridge. they are looking into whether the pilot had time to react. the report also released says that the vessel surfaced was in constant communication with the pilot and they spent yesterday evaluating damage and equipment on board and they say that
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investigation will continue today. >> the captains of the vessels themselves are responsible, really for the safe navigation of their own vessel. >> we have also learned visibility at that time was at a quarter of a mile. we also learned after the disaster back in 2007 there were new rules foreman moving to and -- for maneuvering and the bay bridge was not considered to be one of them. now with the ntsb, they also arrived in the bay area and they will be looking at the tanker and bay bridge later this morning. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire and he may make his first court appearance today. police arrested dexter oliver after he poured gasoline on his girlfriend and set her on fire
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sunday. she is still in the hospital with serious burns on her neck chest and face. judgment day has arrived for barry bonds and at 11:00 we will learn if our home run king has been selected to the hall of fame. many are making that decision and many also said they will not vote for bonds due to his conviction in the steroid scandal. we are getting some fan reaction and she will have a live report in the next hour. the pro hockey lock out is city officials spokespersonned to formally end today. here is more on whether the players will be back on the ice. >> reporter: we know 24 games will be played at the hp pavilion and we just don't know when they will start. the board of governors will be meeting today in new york and
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the 30 club owners will vote on a tentative agreement reached by players and owners. they were still working on one key piece of business that still needed to be setelled and if all goes well, they will play on sunday. they are still renting a practice facility during these past three months of the lock out. businesses downtown have been losing a lot of revenue. we spoke with one revenue who said he has noticed the drop off in foot traffic. >> there are fewer cars and i can't wait to be late and i think it is great for the arena and i think it is great for the neighborhood. >> one bar owner told us they had lost 60 to 70% of revenue and now that sharks fans will be back, they plan on hiring more staff to handle the crowds. the number of games has been
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drastically but and it will be just 48 games. players are eager to get back on the ice a far as getting back here at the arena. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. well muni saved money by cutting corners with a trimmed holiday schedule. they saved $75,000 and started service later in the day and ran certain bus lines less frequently. the savings comes with a little less than expected and muni may also do it again. it happened during the last week of march in spring break which is an idea. it is getting more crowded for sure and as a matter of fact people are coming up to the bay bridge and you can see
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some of the lines are beginning to form here at the toll plaza especially in the outside lanes. also northbound 101 traffic looks good and up to the downtown exits. if you are driving in contra costa highway 4 looks good and a little bit of slowed traffic looks good between vallejo and richmond. all right, good morning everybody, already, i know it is open wednesday but thursday and friday, freeze warnings and frost advisories, we have been talking about this and it is much colder starting tonight and friday, wind protected areas are just giving us a heads up. later today this is what we call a moisture starved system but it has a lot of lds air. freeze warnings, north bay for the freeze warnings that is tomorrow night into friday. into advance of the this system, cloud cover, there is
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not a lot of moisture for this system to work with. but turning cloudy cooler on high temperatures afternoon showers are possible and much colder tonight into tomorrow and then the cold air set ams in -- settles in. we can get snow around 1,500 feet, but it is cold wind more than anything else. 43 and 47 in novato, 37 in fairfield and still some north and east and we will keep an eye on things and it was tough for some and mild for others. turning cloudy, some morning patchy fog and tonight that system moves through and the cold air says i am on my way. yesterday we topped out and we have upper 40s and 50s for many inland areas for high temperatures. fog then clouds, 150s on the temperatures, 55 north and east and a little bit warmer towards collar valley and temperatures
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coming down. maybe a few isolated showers into wednesday night and thursday, friday very cold in the morning and the afternoon high is not traveling very far. tomorrow afternoon cold brisk and breezy. an overnight fire in georgia under investigation and several small children were killed, a mother's heroic efforts to try to save her children, we will have more on that. a patient was stabbed and had to get by without water during a plumbing emergency. it will be on the market soon, how this one will be different from the real thing.
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. 6:12 is the time right now. overnight four children in georgia were killed -- georgia was killed. a mother was able to save one child by throwing him through a second story window and the coldest could not be saved. the cause of the fire is under investigation. new information from detroit. on the southwest side they are engulfed into flames. they were able to save $1
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million from the yard and we are not sure how the fire started and 50 people could be affected because they work for that pallet company. bill charged erichard son -- bill richardson said they are pressing north korea about missile launches and they are asking them to allow people to have more use for internet and cell phones. they are looking also to commit on nuclear testing and they are asking for fair and human treatment for an american citizen detained in north korea. schmidt is traveling with richardson on what they say is a private humanitarian trip. they are meeting about gun control legislation. as kyla campbell reports, president barack obama wants to move quickly with any recommendations. kyla? >> reporter: dave, the vice- president has given them a few
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weeks to come up with regulation on gun control. -- legislation on gun control. vice-president joseph biden is meeting with gun control leaders and tomorrow he will be sitting down with the n ra and other groups. they want to place more focus on mental health and violent video games. -- violent video games. they are sending members as vice-president joseph biden continues with the series of meetings. and he was invited to the house -- white house but de-- white house but declined. more on that later in my next update. thompson is chairman for the gun violence prevention task force. he want to hear more ideas on
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making things safer. the meeting will go on until 8:30. tomorrow water service will be back to normal after a plumbing problem which lasted several hours. an alert was issued yesterday at 1:00 and that means water can only be used for urgent patient care. water service was restored shortly after 5:00 last night. they will hold a news conference requiring a new law of the cancer institute to develop better treatments. they will be joined by the widow of patrick swazi who lost his battle with cancer in 2009. new information this morning about the three men accused of killing a homeowner. prosecutors say the suspects if
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they are convicted could get the death penalty. they are accused of killing a man during a home invasion robbery and a 4th suspect is facing cons spire to commit -- conspiracy i to commit murder and prostitution. they are cutting down on the numbers of rising burglaries. they will focus on north hayward especially around a street and mission boulevard. robberies went up last year and police believe more police presence in that neighborhood will deter burglaries. they voted 4-1 in favor of a permanent bands. it comes after they declared a temporary moratorium due to concerns about crime. a final vote is expected later this month. time now 6:17 let's get you
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out the door. sal is here, you are watching the golden gate bridge and everything else. >> you are watching the entire commute and we go to the golden gate bridge to see if traffic is looking good and the fog is not as big of an issue. you still might see it especially in parts of the north bay. the bay bridge toll plaza is backing up and metering lights are on back to the end of the parking lot and we are getting suggestion to the end of the mcarthur maze. it looks good all the way to 101 in san jose and 880 has a good opportunity for you to get down to fremont without any major delays. let's go to steve. still no change in the fog, napa, santa rosa, concord, north and east the fog is there. this high cloud deck is preventing it for some and
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plus, it was brought right back to the bay and parts of the northest could. well things are changing turning cloudy cooler, afternoon showers possible to the north and more to the coast later this afternoon but really it is the cold air on the way and a very cold pattern. i just done think there will be enough moisture to do much. it stopped due to the fog there. the cold air arrives and in advance of that, fog then clouds and maybe a little bit of filtered sun in the santa clara valley. it will begin to pick up and 53 to 55. average temperatures, we are close, just a little bit cooler towards the north bay, colder tonight into tomorrow and again there could be some isolated showers. frost and freeze warnings are posted, tomorrow into friday morning, very cold, weekend looks sunny, breezy blustery at
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times and cool. thank you steve. apple's ceo tim cook is meeting with chinese business partners and politicians. china is apple's fastest growing market and they sold more than 2000 iphone 5s in two days. and it's a way to go after a wider share of the phone market and the wall street journal said apple is working on a cheaper phone made of less expensive materials. the phone could launch later this year. it could pass and there are new ideas for standardized tests. what they are about to say to oprah in a tell all intersue. don't forget -- interview. >> don't forget to get your morning wake-up call every morning at 6:00 a.m.
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get your wake-up call by texting the word wake up to 70123.
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. welcome back, happening right now you can see quite a scene and the new york fire department is on hand. the new york ferry collided into a buoy and about a dozen people are hurt and it looks like some people are being treated right there on the dock. this is at pier 11 in new york and manhattan and we understand there are about a dozen people injured and we want to bring you that to you live and as soon as we get more information on that, we will bring that to you. the first ever live video of a giant squid, it was spotted more than 2000 feet just off the coast of japan. they believe it is about 10 feet long. this is video of a giant squid grabbing on to a smaller squid
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that scientists planned to use as bait. well it could soon be a thing of the past in california. they have proposed revamping those tests to focus on critical thinking and essays rather than multiple choice questions. it is being sent to the state legislature and if approved they will take affect in the 2014 / 2015 school year. they are trying to combine two schools and that triggered a protest last night. now these students who attend this school marched with their parents and they are trying to combine a second school on to their campus. they say the school is not big enough to handle 600 students. >> one thing i love about our
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school is i am able to greet every student by name and most of their families as well by name. if more students would come to our community it would lose that sense of family. >> we want to try and problem solve and make the situation as positive as possible. >> well, the school district has until february 1st to decide whether they will offer that site to gateway middle school. >> they are scheduled to give a tell all interview and it will be the first time since being stripped of its 7 tour defrance titles. armstrong said he may be planning to admit to using performance enhancing drugs and that interview is scheduled to air a week from thursday. bob melvin wants people to warm up in the bullpen and he will have a new way to get the
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message across. t- mobile will have limited service and they will have docking service in the bullpen and t- mobile said they will get the message through clearly inside the park because sal, we all know sometimes the coverage can be spotty when you are inside the ballpark. >> wireless service is used as a back up. we don't have major issues in the commute but we do have slowed traffic as people are getting on the road. northbound 280 is slower getting to the 880 commute and sunole grade same thing goes, not stop and go yet, 880 is getting busier heading south. let's go to steve. there is some fog out there, concord and livermore on the 6:00 hour and there is about a quarter to half mile vision and there is increasing
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clouds today and much colder air arrives and we have 30s and 40s on the temperatures. get ready possible showers later today and we will have more on this cold air in about 10 minutes. the police responded to a shooting and stabbing just hours apart. good morning, we are live in oakland where the museum was broken into on monday and we will tell you what they stole and how it is connected to another burglary at this same museum and what is happening to try and catch people responsible. it is the beginning of an important time on wall street and we will take you to the opening bell up next.
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sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. . >> ee welcome back -- welcome back, future indicate a higher opening and
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we are at the start of the earning season which is a really big one and a lot of year-end numbers and that could certainly affect markets in the coming days. >> thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, wednesday january 9th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. we do get back to breaking news in new york. a dozen people have been hurt in a ferry accident in manhattan, right there you can see the front of the boat and there is damage there on the ferry boat. reports say that this ferry boat while it was pulling into pier 11 just before 9:00 east coast time it ran into a buoy and again we don't under -- we don't know how serious those injuries are and we understand about 12 people were hurt. they are being treated on the scene and we had a wider shot and you can see new york fire
6:33 am
department was responding and breaking news, we are looking at close damage of a ferry boat after hitting a computer ferry in new york and we will bring yoyou more information this morning. back here at home, violence overnight in san francisco, two people have been rushed to the hospital because of what happened in the carol hill neighborhood. paul chambers is out there and what do you know about a shooting and stabbing, paul? >> reporter: police just released information a few moments ago but the shooting happened at g-11 and at g-10, that is where the stabbing happened. police had very little to go on after sending two people to the hospital. shots were fired in this neighborhood and police say a 53-year-old man was exiting a vehicle when he was struck by a bullet in his foot. he was transported to the
6:34 am
hospital with non-life threatening injuries. almost two hours after they left the scene, they were called back this time responding to a stabbing. a 49-year-old victim was stabbed inside the home and he walked outside where somebody called 911. he was taken to an area hospital with stab wounds but he is expected to survive. they say the two crimes are not connected but they do not have information about any of the suspects in either case. once again out here live officers just left the scene moments ago and they are going back to the precinct to continue their investigation there. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are live watching firefighters who just put out a fire. these are live pictures and look at how the streets are filled with all those fire
6:35 am
vehicles. the report was filed about an hour ago. it is a single family home and we are told everyone got out safely which is good news and still no word on what caused that fire. in san jose, an investigation goes on into a garage fire which destroyed several cars and a boat. this happened on 19th street. a lot of flames were shooting into the area and a fire destroyed a corvette that was in the garage along with two other cars and a boat that was parked outside. the house next door did suffer some minor damage. the reports of a meth lab turned out not to be true. they are swiping a valuable piece of history and in oakland, they are talking about an announcement for leads that could help police. >> reporter: here is what they
6:36 am
know about it, both burglaries were caught on video with a single thief apparently making his way or her way through the museum and in both cases the thieves got away with valuable stuff. you can see the gates are closed and are getting ready to open back for business and before they could that they will release more details on the theft and they will offer a reward. here is what we know since monday morning. surveillance video showed a single thief inside the galleries and the thief got away with what is being described as a valuable historical artifact. it is a gold rush box depicting early california and sources say it is worth more than $800,000. now the press conference is meant to give us more details about what happened and to announce a reward for the
6:37 am
return of that stolen box. this is a second break in on another monday when the museum had been closed all day. surveillance video showed a man who entered the second floor and then broke cases before stealing the items. nothing has been recovered, and no arrests have been made. we do know thieves dressed as ninjas armed with pick axes did that in broad daylight and in that case, the men are facing charges for those crimes. in that case, things were also recovered and in this case they definitely want that box among the other things back and that press conference is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. the big announcement at
6:38 am
11:00 involving barry bonds. we are about to finds out if baseball's all time home run king has been entered into the hall of fame. what are fans saying, tara? >> reporter: well, definitely judgment day has arrived for barry bonds. they must weigh his fate along with roger clemens, all poster boys for the steroid era and mike and curt sheilings as well are voting and we asked others how they believe the vote will swing. >> the steroid era gets the vote and we all know what it's going to be, the vote will be no and there are so many layers to this story and the simplest
6:39 am
is that bonds is the greatest player and roger clemens is one of the greatest pitchers in history and they are not going into the hall of fame. >> he was convicted of one count of obstruction much justice for giving an evasive answer and avoiding the issue. it is possible nobody will get into the hall of fame and if it happened it may create a problem in next year's hall of fame. there have been drunk cheats and even racism and how that plays into it. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to go back to that fire, what can you tell us, sal? it looks like pretty extensive damage to this home. the major street is near the
6:40 am
mcarthur maze freeway and it's in a neighborhood just a above the mcarthur freeway near high street and they did get everybody out of the house safely but there is pretty extensive damage to the home. firefighters arrived about an hour ago and we saw some smoke coming out but it looks like they have a handle on this. the major street nearby is high street. let's move along and take a look at the commute, bay bridge toll plaza, but it is about a 20 minute delay before heading onto the bring. especially in hay month -- may month it is getting busy. it is slow to burn off with fog and nice for others coast and bay and a much colder
6:41 am
forecast is coming up. it is going to be cold probably all the way into the weekend and the overnight low is much colder. starting tomorrow, maybe some upper 20s in wind no texted areas, -- wind protected areas and possible showers on the way for thursday and friday. a frost advisory for the santa clara valley and this does not hold much moisture but turning later today then colder air arrives this time tomorrow, very cold unsettled pattern and if there is enough moisture and i don't think there will be it could get down to 1,500 feet and i think there is not enough moisture. due to the fog and cloud cover, that is a lot of cold air and it will settle over us and then we get a north wind so it will
6:42 am
be hard pressed to warm up. cooler temperatures 53 clear lake, sonoma, kent field and 53 in walnut creek, 55 north and east, a little bit warmer but not a bunch near santa clara gilroy. half-moon bay 54, fog on the coast as well plus two reports are saying it will be cooler today compared to yesterday. cooler air arrives, but it will be very brisk and breezy. 2012 was the hottest year on record in the united states. national climatic data center says it was just above 55 degrees and scientists say it is happening better than expected and they blame global
6:43 am
warming and natural weather variations. they filled thousands of bags yesterday and the creek spilled over during heavy rains and flooded several homes. we have been told the newly filled sandbags will reinforce a levee along san ravine drive. they are taking new steps at the national cathedral towards marriage equality. and there will be news on when players will be back on the ice and we will have more on the important decisions made today. getting into the valley, we will check the south bay and the rest of your morning commute straight ahead.
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. all right, welcome back, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, we have developing news from new york and these are live pictures and at least a dozen people have just been hurt in a ferry accident and it happened at a new yorkty pier. the ferry -- new york city
6:47 am
pier. the ferry hit the buoy and the injured, look they are being treated right there on the scene. it is a triage scene and they are also being rushed to hospitals on stretchers. we will have more details on what is happening in new york as it becomes available. san jose police are investigating an early morning shooting and stabbing. a man was shot in the foot 1:40 this morning and two hours later another man was stabbed in the chest. police do not believe these incidents are connected. both men are expected to survive. they are trying to catch whoever burglarized the museum in downtown oakland. they got away with a box reportedly worth $800,000. it is nuisance hose sharks have been waiting to hear.
6:48 am
joining us from san jose they will talk about the end of the lock out. jeanine? >> reporter: pam, this delayed season was supposed to begin january 19th but we do know season ticket holders are eager to get back to their seats. the board of governors will be meeting in new york and 30 club owners will be voting on a tentative agreement. last night they were working on one key piece of business that still needed to be setelled and if all goes well, they will play this sunday. they have used this facility during the past three months of the lock out to keep in shape and businesses have been losing a lot of revenue. we spoke to one resident who says he is glad that hockey is back at hp. >> what this does for business
6:49 am
in our community, it is great and important to have in our community and i am so happy to report, my friend has a job. >> reporter: they lost 60 to 70% of revenue and now that sharks' fans will be back they plan on hiring more staff to handle the crowds. the number of games has been cut because of the lock out and now they have 24 games which will be played here at the hp pavilion. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. same sex couples will soon be able to get married in the cathedral in washington d.c. they are among the first to allow same sex marriage and they say it is the next step towards marriage equality. it is one of the nations' most prominent chips and it is often used to celebrate new presidents.
6:50 am
one boy scout is denied his life-long dream. he was denied to being an eagle scout because he is gay. he was begin a second chance and when asked why they sent this statement, he does not agree to scouting's principal of duty to god. ryan's father said once again they are making an excuse to keep his son from achieving the highest award in boy scouts. they are now investigating a second technical incident involving a dreamliner in two days. that is after a dreamliner leaked about 40 gallons of fuel. the ntsb said they will not look into the leak calling a -- calling it a maintenance issue but they are sending investigators to look into a fire involving a battery on another 787 which happened at the boston airport the day
6:51 am
before. 689, sal is starting in the south bay, how is traffic. >> it is getting heavier trying to get into that valley on 280 and 237, you can see it's not quite stop and go and we are seeing a little bit of use getting up to the west valley and that's near the downtown exits and it is going to be a little bit slow. it's going to be moderate on some other freeways. on the freeway we are getting some crowding and on the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a backup which stretches from 15 to a 20-minute wait. let's go to steve. >> once again, i was at the bus stop after my ship came in. we do have some fog and yesterday fog was really widespread but did not go down for a while.
6:52 am
all fog reduces visibility but the cold air, that is really going to change our pattern. there is not a lot of rain but there is a lot of cold air. 30s and 40s on temperatures, a little bit of fog on the coast and that system is pushing in some of that lower cloud deck. late tonight, it will move into tomorrow, really. increasing clouds throughout the day, cooler temperatures and 50s on the temperatures. it will be a fine range, not much as far as a difference goes in capitoa.
6:53 am
54 seems popular, 56 in at they are tonight as well -- 56 in other areas as well. friday cold and into the weekend, sunny but very, very chilly. there is some big news for clear wire. dish network is offering more than $5 billion but there is a catch. sprint already owns 51% of clear wire. they agreed to sell it for $2 billion and sprint says it will not approve any sale to dish network. retailers report, they are not seeing as many gift cards redeemed this year. they bought gift cards late december of this year and gift cards are often the top choice for last minute gifts. okay, we were talking about that ferry crash, we just heard 30 to 50 people have been hurt and we will tell you the details. also cat williams, the news is not good and in fact he was arrested yesterday and was put in jail. you may want to take a closer look at what you drink. a new study about soft drinks
6:54 am
which may affect your mood is coming up.
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6:56 am
. back now to our breaking news, we want to take you back to manhattan this morning and it is now reported that 30 to 50 people were hurt in that ferry accident and we are looking at live pictures at the dock. some of the people suffered critical injuries to their head. we are zooming in on the damage to the ferry boat and the ferry
6:57 am
reportedly hit the dock while pulling into pier 11 in lower manhattan east coast time. people were treated on the scene and some had been taken away in stretchers and again we are looking live at this computer ferry accident later this morning. controversial comedian cat williams is back in jail in los angeles. the sacramento judge issued a new arrest warrant yesterday when he didn't show up for felony charge for reckless driving. they arrested williams over night after fine being him outside of his -- finding him outside of his home. he is now in jail on a misdemeanor battery charge. drinking soft drinks may lead to depression. drinking more cans ever soda have more of a risk to be
6:58 am
depressed and the risk is even greater for those who drink diet drinks. it's still unknown how it affects overall mental health. curb cafes will soon hit the sidewalks for restaurants. they just approved a pilot program to widen sidewalks for eating areas and businesses will have to apply and be approved to install cafe platforms and they are copying what is being done in san francisco. let's quickly check in with sal. what are you seeing? at the toll plaza, getting into the city, there is a backup there and you can see from our pictures traffic is going to be busy and it's about a 15 to 20 minute delay before you get there. at the mcarthur maze, traffic looks good and this is a look from our road sensor, thank you steve. look for increasing clouds
6:59 am
throughout the day. we had a few lower 60s and we have very chilly air and we have more coming up on mornings on 2. early this morning, two violent incidents just 90 minutes apart at the very same san francisco street corner, the big question, they are trying to answer. barry bonds just hours away, stay right here with us. ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]

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